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Water protection

Performance of consultancy-advisory service in field of water protection

We offer to you consultancy-advisory service by assurance of duties in field of waters protection according to Slovak Law No. 364/2004 about waters. We offer to you consultancy-advisory activity by:

  • Analysis of status and lacks if field of Waters protection at your company,
  • Corrective and preventive actions proposal in case of any non-conformity,
  • Data and records assurance that are needed for decisions of Stat authority bodies in field of water treatment – approval of operating order, approval for water construction usage, approval of emergency plan, etc.,
  • Performance of employees’ trainings.

Hereby we offer to you creation of documents in compliance with legal requirements:

  • Operational and service orders for waters constructions – sewage, sewerage water treatment plant, well, etc.,
  • Emergency plan – Plan of preventive actions for prevention of dangerous stuffs leakage into environment and corrective actions in case of leakage,
  • Operational orders for dangerous stuffs storage and handling.

We perform these activities on the long time experience base in the field of environment protection.